Engineers @ NudgeNudge – Augmented Reality and 3D

26 Jul

This is a master class in 3D application development for the new glasses-free 3D mobiles on the market. The class is for anims and Android devs, and will step through the creation of an application specifically for 3D phones.  Engineers have a great honor to be the headliners of the event covering the topic of 3D game development.

The very first lecture I gave just a few days ago, “Augmented Reality and 3D”, was very well accepted by the audience and the organizers. I’ve raised some quite challenging propositions that we will be working on over the next weeks and months, such as using worldwide common markers instead of the predefined static ones (car tires, traffic signs, logos, etc…).

The lecture, which is the result of couple of weeks research and development by the Engineers astrophysics-mathematician-developer Damir Burazerovic and myself, is summed up in the slides which I’ve used at the event. As there are quite a few things which I have talked about and are not here, feel free to pop up any questions and start any discussion in this thread.



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  1. markssherman42131 April 9, 2016 at 10:40 AM #

    My favorite Crater bit involved being arrested for tearing the label off a cushion (under penalty of law). Highlight of his first night in stir was ly Click

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