Building an online betting solution – Introduction

25 May

Couple of years ago I spent 2 years working for BWIN.COM, Europe’s largest eGaming provider, as a part of the Sportsbook development team. It was until this year when I met face to face again with a similar project in terms of the back-end system – online live auctioning solution for property rentals –, our new client. Zumper, founded by a highly capable team of Harvard Business School students, is an online real estate market in which students and young professionals can bid on and secure properties in a more efficient and transparent manner. Further more, implementing money flow and virtual currency system (amongst all other systems) into, brought many things together in terms of algorithm which handles inner and outer transactions.

The series of posts I am about to write are not going to reveal any business secrets or pieces of code used in all these projects, but rather give you an insight of complexity of such systems together with some hidden tricks and tips.

Here’s the list of topics I am going to cover (not necessarily in this order, and the list may change as I go along):

  1. Betting scenarios
  2. Currencies and virtual currencies
  3. Back-end logic vs. database logic
  4. Placing bids/bets
  5. Live visual result tracking
  6. Logging and history
  7. Handling user errors
  8. Handling system errors
  9. Security
  10. Money flow
I will blog about our first topic, “Types of bets/bids”, in the next couple of days. Watch this space…

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