Reaching goals within 1st quarter of 2011

15 Feb

It’s been a while since I last blogged, and that means one thing – I’ve been busy; The busy time came after Internet Week Europe as a result of the events I’ve hosted in front of the Engineers. This also resulted in more frequent visits to London, where the last one was just a week ago.

We have four new clients from London, three of those are startups all in different industries while a third one is a well established business with some sound names behind it. I won’t be telling much about who they are and what they do before we go live with any of these apps. We are looking to wrap the first stage for the startup projects by the end of April, while the fourth one is going live tomorrow as a basic static version while the full blown stage one is to be ready within a month. Involved technologies are mostly Microsoft ones, in particular ASP.NET MVC 3.

We are also working with one state University in the USA. It’s an interesting project in terms of technology which has Ruby in the back end as a over-mapper for MySql database, while the front-end is in SproutCore.

Watch this space once a week, as I will increase the frequency of blogging. I’ll be talking about interesting solutions in terms of technology and challenges of each.


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