Survey Builder Software Launched

21 Oct

Quickker - A Survey Builder, our survey builder software that has been in massive production over the past three months has finally landed as Beta. I have waited for this announcement for two days to make sure that everything goes smooth. And so far so good! Our existing clients who were using pre-beta versions, Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Society of the Republic of Serbia, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Economics, and iFront Internet Conference, had no distractions in conducting their existing surveys, while they are more than please with the pack of features we just released, such as:

– Improved and even more powerful analytics

– Export to XML

– New types of Survey authentication (now we cover 4 types)

– Improved User Experience

– Powerful branding features

– and many other small features which fitted nicely into the existing workflow.

We are currently on a silent mission of getting more clients from Serbia, a region we are using for our smaller upgrades and new releases before we launch World wide. The reason for this is that we have a controlled environment and a possibility to meet face to face with clients. Opportunity of meeting clients face to face at this early stage of this new project of hours gives us options to better tune our software and to learn better of what client needs.


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