Quickker.com – Survey Builder Software

16 Sep

Quickker is a Survey Builder Software intended for small and medium sized businesses, entrepreneurs, organizations, students, universities and other audiences which are in need of a convinient way to create surveys, manage their respondents, collect, compare, and track responses, with mix of features such as branding of surveys and powerful analytics.

This past Monday (September 14th, 2009) we had a silent launch of our new system in to accommodate a research conducted by the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade. So far so good, systems seams to be working without distractions, our logs do not show any flaws, and therefore, we are getting ready for the public Beta launch on the 1st of October.

Below is list of features that are to be offered to clients for the Quickker v1.0 Release:

  • Create multi question, multi page surveys
  • Brand your survey with colors and a logo
  • Create branded home and finish pages
  • Group Questions into logical sections
  • Choose from 7 generic types of questions
  • Use HTML when creating Questions to add pictures, video, documents, and more…
  • Close surveys by due date or by number of responses
  • Choose between anonymous surveys or username and password, or password protected surveys
  • Utilize a Powerful Analytic system to track and compare responses, and to extract significant data.
  • Export your data as XML
  • International Language support

Anyone interested to hearing more before we launch, feel free to contact us at contact@quickker.com


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